The Snorfkingdom Tavern

Welcome, traveler! Snorf’s Tavern is a space where you can easily access the Snorfkingdom’s community channels and help yourself to the season 1 NFT menu! For the full tavern offering, you should head over to visit the Snorfkingdom collection on Niftyblocks or purchase them via the Atomichub Market. Do you want to know more about the Snorfkingdom and our vision for functional NFTs? Read more in our whitepaper.

Snorfkingdom’s Community Channels

There are multiple official channels where one can become a part of the Snorfkingdom and start contributing to the story. Our primary user-driven channels are the Snorfkingdom PeakD community and the Snorfkingdom Discord Community. In addition, you can follow Snorfkin on twitter for the latest community updates

Join the PeakD community here
Join the Discord community here

Not sure exactly how to get started in the PeakD community? Check out our guide here! What is your story, traveler? Come and share your tales with us and become a part of the Snorfkingdom community!

Season 1 NFTs and Collector’s Badge are Live!

The start of our storytelling journey begins right, here, in Snorf’s Tavern. In order to obtain Season 1’s NFT collector badge, obtain the 4 fancy ingredients and blend via the Snorfkingdom’s blend page.

The Snorfkingdom’s Season 1 Collectors Badge
Ingredient 1Fancy Snorfkingdom Grub
Ingredient 2Fancy Snorkingdom Ale
Ingredient 3Fancy Snorfkingdom Mead
Ingredient 4Fancy Snorfkingdom Spring Water

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