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Thank you for visiting the Hall of Wisdom. Within these halls you can find a curated list of recommendations of various blockchain-related projects, Dapps, NFTs, and more. These listings have been vetted and meet the standards worthy of the approval of Sir Snorfkin himself. Shilling of projects is not welcome in the Hall of Wisdom. Below you can read a brief description of these recommendations and their merits. Click on the logos to learn more about each entry in the Hall of Wisdom.

Learning & Tutorials

Blockchain Gaming

Alien Worlds is currently the #1 Dapp and blockchain game in existence. This game offers users a great opportunity to learn about NFTs, earn something, and is also free to play! Click on the image to learn how to get involved!

Check out Upland! This blockchain game is another free to play hit! You can buy and trade properties, explore the world, develop buildings and participate in contests!

Splinterlands is an amazing blockchain-based trading game, with a multitude of things to do in-game, from tournaments, to brawls, land ownership, and more!

Gods Unchained is another stunning trading card game which exists on the blockchain! Looking for an easy to learn, easy to play game? Then Gods Unchained is a great choice for you!

Dapps and other services

Presearch is a decentralized search engine which protects your privacy and rewards users with (a small amount) cryptocurrency in the form of its native PRE token for each search conducted via the engine, node operation, and more!

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