Snorfkingdom Lore

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This is the official home for Snorfkingdom Official Lore releases. Official lore will be released first in the Snorfkingdom community, whereafter the team publishes it here on the website. Come join our community channels if you want to learn more about how to take part!

A Storm in the Vale

At precisely the moment Sir Snorfkin began to speak, an even greater thunderous BANG cracked out, followed by the bright spark of lighting, briefly illuminating the tavern with a bright white light. It was so close the window cracked and a noticeable force could be felt by the group. The stool Sir Snorfkin was sitting on tipped over from the jolt.

The Obsidian Coast

“Years ago, I traveled to the Obsidian Coast in search of the Glass Flame – a large shard of obsidian that, somehow, still had embers burning inside it. There were rumors of it being able to instill magical power in those who could channel it. When Mount Vorg erupted, and lava spewed into the sea,Continue reading “The Obsidian Coast”

The Journey Begins

The tavern is alive, with patrons enjoying various drinks and meals, some are citizens of the Vale, others are travelers just passing through. No matter where one came from, the tavern was a good enough place as any to stop in and pass a rainy night. An inn attached in the back provided just enoughContinue reading “The Journey Begins”

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