The Adventurer’s Guild – Now in Beta!

The Adventurer’s Guild by SixPM Software has officially opened its doors to the WAX community who have Beta Passes, expanding the player base. For those unaware of the project, The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG) is a free to play and play to earn Discord-based RPG leveraging the WAX Blockchain. Now, with the recent news on Journey to Godhood,Continue reading “The Adventurer’s Guild – Now in Beta!”

FWXIII Has Joined The Party!

An explorer of blockchains, FWXIII has found the Vale of Snorf and joined the Snorfkingdom! With a background in game design and being an avid technologist, blockchain gaming and the dissection of games has turned into a hobby he is passionate about. Taking inspiration from the bridge builders and reviewers before him, he has startedContinue reading “FWXIII Has Joined The Party!”

Sir Snorfkin Reviews: Splinterlands

Welcome to the Splinterverse!* Many blockchain games today are making use of cards as a way of visualizing usable NFTs in game, but Splinterlands takes this one step further, offering crypto-enthusiasts an entirely new universe and trading card game on the blockchain! This game is a great introduction to the play to earn model, as users canContinue reading “Sir Snorfkin Reviews: Splinterlands”