A Storm in the Vale

Chapter 1.3.png

As the night went on, the rain from the storm continued to fall at ever increasing rates. As the clouds continued to grow, the tavern became more and more enshrouded in darkness.

Bjorn, still tending to the few patrons still at the bar, thought to himself, “I haven’t seen a storm like this in ages. Feels almost as if the storm has a mind of its own.” He kept the thought to himself while cleaning a glass. Slightly unnerved, he shook his head bringing his attention back to the bar, and poured a large draft of mead for a new traveler. Aveanth had just arrived to the tavern seeking warmth, a dry bed, and some of the Vale’s finest drink. “Glad you came in when you did” Bjorn said, sliding the mead towards Aveanth. “Seems it’s something fierce out there. If you’re looking for Snorf, the groups over there.”

In the room off from the center of the tavern, Sir Snorfkin sat with the rest of the group, continuing to tell them about the composition of the Vale. Aveanth, fresh glass of mead and plate of grub in hand, joined the group to listen to Sir Snorfkin recount his knowledge of the region:

“So, my friends, the Vale of Snorf is a vast area encompassed by two major mountain ranges, one to the North and one to the South.” Sir Snorfkin sat on a stool next to the fire, warming his hands.

“What are those mountains called?” Bee asked inquisitively.

“To the South lies the Hawixia Mountain Range, a cold and harsh area. Often covered in snow and ice, it’s a treacherous realm. Ice golems and wolves roam the forest at the base of it, while the mountains themselves are too cold, even for those creatures to live there. The Northern mountains are the Nazu Mountain Range. Cloudy and rainy usually, those are much more gloomy, but the climate isn’t as inhabitable. It’s not pleasant, more of a constant wet drizzle so things are dank and soggy. But even on the worst days, the weather isn’t as bad as this”, Snorf motioned to the storm outside through the window. Just as he moved his hand, a loud crack erupted from a lightning strike in the near distance.

“Oy Snorf!” a laughing Kira exclaimed, “You have some magic too?”

“Heh, none like that. At least that I’m aware of” a slightly unnerved Snorf answered. Something about the thunder felt ominous.

The wind from the storm picked up, battering the branches outside into the Tavern windows. Anachron and Ulfric looked at the window, back to each other curiously, and took another swig of their ales before listening to Sir Snorfkin continue.

“Those mountain ranges are important to the Vale and are home to many creatures, I have ventured there many times and discovered many great things. But we can’t forget, there are also lands beyond the mountain ranges, and also to the east from Sweetwater Plain. To the south one can discover the……….”

At precisely the moment Sir Snorfkin began to speak, an even greater thunderous BANG cracked out, followed by the bright spark of lighting, briefly illuminating the tavern with a bright white light. It was so close the window cracked and a noticeable force could be felt by the group. The stool Sir Snorfkin was sitting on tipped over from the jolt.

“Everyone alright?” Bjorn yelled out from the bar. “That was a close one, but this tavern is built for it.” After the group’s recovered from the shock, faint shouting could be heard outside.

“Do you hear that? It sounds like someone is outside the tavern.” Kira looked around at the group, stood up and went to the window.

“I don’t hear anything, perhaps we’ve all just had one too many ales.” stated Ulfric matter-of-factly, letting out a high-pitched burp afterwards.

A great yell from outside pierced through the darkness of the storm which enveloped the tavern. “………………uuuuuuuUUUUUULLLLLFFFRIIIIIIIIC!!!!! I know you are in there, you mangy snorfling’s arse!”

The group, who had all now gathered around the window, slowly turned and looked at Ulfric, who was still sitting by the fire. Turning back to the window, the group saw a stocky, short, dark green figure appear in the rain.

” I am going to MAKE YOU PAY, UUULLLFFRIIIC!!” shouted the figure, who was clearly another goblin. “You and your little friends should prepare to be attacked!”

Sir Snorfkin looked at Ulfric, disappointed: “Seems like you have some explaining to do Ulfric.”

“I can explain, but first we need to make a plan. That’s, Gromprich. He’s not the most pleasant goblin, as you can imagine. He must’ve followed me here on my journey from Poku Bog…”

As the group remained in discussion, Bjorn left the bar and went to the window to see what all the commotion was about. At that moment, a rock crashed through the window, hitting Bjorn straight in the forehead, knocking him to the ground.

Bjorn, getting up with a bloodied head, peered out of the window, still confused as to what was going on. Outside of the tavern stood Gromprich. From the shadows behind him, more dark green figures slowly began to emerge…………….

Snorflings, it’s time to engage! React to this post with a comment telling us how the group should react and take on Gromprich and his goblin horde!

The Obsidian Coast

“Years ago, I traveled to the Obsidian Coast in search of the Glass Flame – a large shard of obsidian that, somehow, still had embers burning inside it. There were rumors of it being able to instill magical power in those who could channel it. When Mount Vorg erupted, and lava spewed into the sea, the resulting coastline was covered in black glass – thus forming the namesake of the Obsidian Coast. One remaining piece of the coastal obsidian shards, the Glass Flame, remained glowing as bright as a lantern, and could heat a room fifty times this size” Ulric motioned to the tavern’s main area, now a bit emptier with some of the patrons having left.

“So did you find it?”, Kira inquired, eyes wide with wonder.

Ulfric took a long slow sip from his tankard. “In a manner of speaking, aye. It’s not what anyone thought it was though. Further back from the coastline, there’s a series of caves that run deep underground, back towards the volcano. That was where I met Arwen the Red and the Obsidian Clan.”

“Aren’t they supposedly elves? I thought elves were mostly forest folk”, Anachron piped up with a slightly puzzled look. “What were they doing in the caves?”

“Well, the roots of the trees in the grove of the Obsidian Coast run deep and hollow, forming beautiful, shimmering caves. I think that’s where they found the Glass Flame in the first place. Once one traverses deep enough, the caves become a sprawling maze of networked tunnels that run far across the land of the Snorfkingdom. There is no telling what sorts of creatures and treasures exist down there. Anyway, as I delved deeper into the caves, I was surprised when I bumped into a few elves down there myself. They were none too happy to see, well, someone like me” Ulfric laughed, gesturing to his very non-elven body. “I suspect the reason they saw fit to share the pyromancy knowledge and a piece of the Glass Flame with me was a twisted experiment or out of a morbid curiousity on their end.”

“You mean the Glass Flame is real? How’d they share it – you mean you have a piece of it?!” Bee was at the edge of her seat waiting for Ulfric’s answer.

With a sigh, Ulfric downed the rest of the ale in the tankard. He rolled back his right sleeve to expose a glowing black stone embedded in his arm. “Like I said, they saw it as an experiment. Arwen the Red made me a deal – accept the Glass Fire shard and leave, never to return. Or, the Obsidian Clan puts me on trial for trespassing – you can imagine how that’d go. I went with the former, aside from the immense pain of the glass going in, it turned out alright.”

Ulfric rolled his sleeve back down, snapped his fingers, and held a dancing flame in his palm. “You see, the Obsidian Clan … “worships” the Glass Flame for lack of better words. Arwen the Red saw it as an immense source of power that could be a powerful tool for her kin. The elven elders told her to leave it be, but she ignored them. Upon hearing this, the elders banished Arwen, and she then set out to form the Obsidian Clan, which explains why you might be surprised to find the elves there. They’re not normal High Elves, or even Dark Elves really, but more of a patchwork group of many outcasts.” Ulfric looked towards Anachron, who was nodding in understanding.

“Well, that’s certainly a…unique tribe of elves.” he said, his initial idea of what elves could be, shattering. “So, Arwen the Red, she’s more of a…cult leader you’d say?”

Staring at the dancing flame in his hand, Ulfric answered, “Perhaps. I think she understood the gravity of what she discovered. See, pyromancy requires a flame. You’ll see that most pyromancers can’t start a fire, only control an existing one. They’ll often carry matches or a lantern as a way of having one on hand. But with the Glass Flame embedded in one’s self…”

“You have the fire right there, in your arm”, Kira completed Ulfric’s sentence for him. “That’s how you’re able to do…that”, pointing to the tiny dancing flame in Ulfric’s palm.

“Exactly.” Ulfric quickly closed his fist, extinguishing the flame in a dazzling array of sparks. “It takes a bit more out of me, as though I’m feeding the stone itself, but it’s waterproof and far easier.” Ulfric turned to Sir Snorfkin, who was smiling after seeing the pyrotechnic display. “So Snorf, you mentioned this could all be of use to you, here in the Vale?”

“Yes Ulfric, old friend” Sir Snorfkin nodded, and looked around at the group. “You have been helping me power the forge’s minting press, but your mastery of pyromancy is also highly valuable for adventures throughout the vale. Perhaps it’s best we tell the others about the rest of the Vale first, so they are more familiar with the surroundings. What do you say?”

“Aye, Snorf.” stated Ulfric. He grabbed another round of ale from Bjorn, and sat back down. After passing out the round, Ulfric lit a few more candles as the storm raged on outside and the darkness continued to envelop the tavern.

The Journey Begins

The tavern is alive, with patrons enjoying various drinks and meals, some are citizens of the Vale, others are travelers just passing through. No matter where one came from, the tavern was a good enough place as any to stop in and pass a rainy night. An inn attached in the back provided just enough lodging for a few weary souls on their way through. On stormy nights such as this it was quite popular, being the only inn around in Sweetwater Plain.

One of the tavern’s great doors swung open into the night, and in wandered a cloaked goblin. The barkeep looked over and motioned for the traveler to take a seat. Walking over to the bar and pulling a stool, the goblin made himself comfortable.

“I’ll have one of your finest ales, it’s been a long journey and that storm certainly hasn’t helped” he told the barkeep, putting some copper coins on the bar.

“Aye, it’s a bad one out there” he replied, pulling the tap. “Name’s Bjorn, I run this and the inn. You’re welcome to spend the night here.”

“Ulfric”, the goblin replied with a nod, taking the tankard. “I’ll take you up on that offer. This should cover it.” A silver and more copper coins were dropped down from Ulfric’s hand onto the bar. “Good ale, it’s certainly hitting the spot.”

“So what brings you to the Vale?” Bjorn asked inquisitively. “There’s been a heap of new folks coming ’round these parts. Some visitors named Kira and Bee showed up a little while before you did. A fellow by the name of Anachron was here earlier too, though I think he’s in the inn now.” the barkeep explained with a gesture towards a pair by the fireplace.

“Perhaps we’re all here for the same reason. Best not to be empty handed before heading over, I’ll take another ale and one for each of the new faces.” Ulfric answered, causing a bit of confusion for Bjorn. With a shrug, Bjorn poured three more ales, passing the tankards to Ulfric.
Taking the ales, Ulfric made his way over to the fire where Kira and Bee were sitting.

“Friends of Snorf?” Ulfric asked, offering each a tankard. Both nodded and took an ale, clanking the steins together in a friendly exchange. Kira waved to an open seat adjacent to them and Ulfric sat.

“So I suppose we wait at this point?” Ulfric asked. “No sense in being cold while we do though.” With a snap of the goblin’s fingers, the fire flared up, drawing surprised looks from those who were close enough to notice. “Pyromancy.” Ulfric offered as an explanation, moving his hand. “Studied it out in the Obsidian Coast, it has its uses.”

“OY!” shouted Bjorn, “You best be careful with that, we don’t need you burning this place with your parlor tricks.”

“Humans, always afraid of what they don’t understand” muttered Ulfric, before taking a long sip from his ale.

Into the night, the storm raged on, the party by the fire not minding it. Even the barkeep warmed up to the idea of not having to throw logs on to keep the fireplace lit.

“Scuse me, you’re the party, yes?” a wizardry looking character asked. Bee nodded, unsure if this was a an alchemist, healer, or both before them. “Excellent! I’m right on time then – Anachron’s the name” Anachron exclaimed, taking a seat by the fire.

Once again, the door of the tavern opened, a traveler walked through the threshold and removed his hood. Sir Snorfkin had arrived!

“Greetings, adventurers!”, Sir Snorfkin exclaimed with delight, “a pleasure to see new faces in the Vale. I know you all have your reasons for being here tonight, but I think we can all agree that a nice story might help us pass the time, don’t you?” While the group nodded in agreement, Ulfric burped loudly and ordered another round of ale.

“Since you are all quite new to the vale, I think it’s best to start by telling some history of the land in which you find yourselves.” Sir Snorfkin stood up and began to draw a map “We are in the Vale of Snorf, a mystical land in which mages and other creatures such as myself have begun to harness the power of blockchain technology alongside our magic capabilities.”

“The Vale holds many regions, all of them hold stories that would take too long to tell in one night. Currently, we find ourselves in Sweetwater Plain, a peaceful respite from the dangers and mysteries one may find elsewhere in the Vale. Bjorn runs this wonderful tavern and serves the numerous travelers and citizens of the vale who pass through. This Plain is full of the most beautiful nature that one can find in the Vale of Snorf.”

Sir Snorfkin began to pace the room, looking over the newest citizens of the vale, and suddenly stops behind Ulfric. Ulfric, now slightly too deep into his ale, doesn’t seem to notice.

“You there, I sense a hint of magic about you, could it be pyromancy?” Snorfkin asked. “Ayyee Sir” Ulfric grunts, hiccupping loudly afterward. “Tell us about the place where you learned this powerful Magic.”

“Of course, I’d be happy to share a tale of my journey to the Obsidian Coast” responded Ulfric. Ulfric moved closer to the fire, warming his hands, and took a look at the group. “So, have any of you ever heard of Arwen the Red, leader of the Obsidian clan? If not, sit tight, for it will be a long tale. Let me start with where my journey began…”

Creating a Hive Blockchain Account

Creating a HIVE Blockchain Account

Welcome, blockchain adventurer! If you don’t already have a HIVE blockchain account (necessary for the PeakD community), this will hopefully help get you on your way with one and into the Snorfkingdom. There are a few different ways to register, but ultimately the end goal of the process is to get your keys and use the official HIVE Keychain extension to authenticate. If you have a Splinterlands account, you already have a HIVE blockchain account and can request those keys to use.

signup.hive.io offers a variety of options to create an account with one of the providers there. Both Ecency and Hive On Board are free options, though do have extra checks to prevent abuse. Once an account is created, you’ll need to import the keys by adding a new account to the Keychain extension.

Keychain does NOT save your Master password but instead breaks it down into the three keys you’ll use on the HIVE blockchain:
– Posting Key for submitting posts and voting on content
– Active Key for confirming transactions and changing settings
– Memo Key for reading private and encrypted messages

Remember, it is your responsibility to safely store your keys offline, especially your Owner key and Master Password.

Once the account is added to the Keychain, you’ll be able to use it to login to Peakd and post your traveler’s story to the Snorfkingdom community.

NFT Marketplace Guide

Whether you are new to learning about NFTs or are a bit more advanced and looking to learn how (and where) to create NFTs, this article is perfect for you! This concise article covers the most commonly used NFT Marketplace(s), as well as a brief overview with some some pros and cons.

NFT Marketplace 1: Atomichub (WAX)

If you are familiar with the WAX blockchain, or many of the most popular blockchain games of today, then you may already be familiar with the atomichub marketplace! What is great about this platform is that there are many NFTs available for purchase, from artwork, to music, to gaming items and lands. As arguably the oldest WAX NFT marketplace, Atomic Hub is surely a great place to start when getting involved with NFTs. All you need is a WAX wallet address* to get started! Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons

*To get an NFT address, check out our guide here!


  • Easy to navigate, login, and purchase items
  • Utilizes WAX blockchain (major chain for many NFT projects and game)
  • No gas fees for transactions
  • User-friendly for those new to crypto and new to creating NFTs


  • Somewhat susceptible to scams without proper caution (make sure authors are whitelisted/verified!)
  • The standard WAX cloud wallet is not as secure as other potential wallets

NFT Marketplace 2: NeftyBlocks (WAX)

Neftyblocks is the next great NFT marketplace! Similarly to Atomic Hub, Neftyblocks operates primarily with the WAX blockchain and is used for a wide variety of NFT types, such as games, music, and art. In addition, the Nefty marketplace enables users to earn its native token, $NEFTY, just by buying, selling, and creating NFTs, which can in turn allow them access to more benefits, as stated in the whitepaper. All you need is a wax address to get started on Neftyblocks! Pros and cons are as follows:


  • Easy to navigate, login, and purchase items
  • Possibility to earn $NEFTY tokens when using the platform
  • No gas fees for transaction
  • Extremely easy to learn for those new to crypto and new to creating NFTs


  • The standard WAX cloud wallet is not as secure as other potential wallets

NFT Marketplace 3: Opensea (ETH)

Have you been hearing about NFTs selling at record prices of millions of dollars? If so, then Opensea is likely the marketplace where these exchanges took place. As one of the oldest and most well-established NFT marketplaces, Opensea is a great source for high quality blockchain assets. Interestingly, Opensea offers many different NFT types, from art, to utility items, collectibles, and even blockchain domains! If you are interested in any of these, check this platform out!


  • Easy to purchase with ETH
  • High-quality and High-profile NFTs and collections
  • Unique items purchasable such as blockchain domains


  • Requires a metamask wallet as well as gas fees for transactions
  • Not as user-friendly for beginners to the crypto space

NFT Marketplace 4: Rarible (ETH)

Another amongst the established NFT marketplaces, rarible is sure to be a great stop for checking out some great NFTs to utilize and collect. In addition to its platform, Rarible has also launched the so-called Rarible pool, which is described as “a public, DAO-governed set of open-source tools for developers and businesses to build their own NFT projects and deploy customized NFT storefronts.” Rarible is also well known for having done previous NFT releases with organizations such as Twitter. The Pros and cons can be found below!


  • Multiple chains supported, such as ETH, Flow, and Tezos.
  • High-quality and High-profile NFTs and collections
  • Unique items purchasable such as blockchain domains


  • Slightly more focused on art
  • Not as user-friendly for beginners to the crypto space
  • Requires a metamask wallet as well as gas fees for transactions

NFT Marketplace 5: Superrare (ETH)

Last but not least is Superrare, the artwork-focused NFT marketplace is well known for its high quality artworks and interesting take on artists royalties, which can be set and earned indefinitely by the artist, even after being sold on to secondary customers. Many famous individuals and celebrities have also released NFTs via the Superrare platform. Check out the pros and cons below!


  • New $RARE curation token via the marketplace
  • High-quality and High-profile NFTs artwork


  • Solely focused on art
  • Requires a metamask/digitial wallet as well as gas fees for transactions

Other Platforms worth a look

While this is a brief overview of some interesting NFT platforms, there are more out there, I recommend you to check them out! A list can be found below, and feel free to add a comment if you know of a great marketplace not mentioned in this article!


Overall, there is a wide array of NFT marketplaces which newcomers and experts can choose from. Many of them have a wide range of pros and cons, depending on what you are looking for!

Regardless, it is extremely important for anyone exploring or trading NFTs to be as digitally secure as possible to avoid scams, hacks, and/or loss of NFTs. For suggestions how to be as secure as possible check out our digital security tips here!

Understand the Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming Model

Within the blockchain space, NFTs have begun to drastically change many sectors already, such as the gaming industry. Inspiring new blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Upland have popped up. These games are adding a new dimension to the way people play games. More specifically, they have introduced NFTs and established a new business model known as Play to Earn (P2E) gaming. While those behind the aforementioned games will tell you that this model is changing the industry for good, there are also some potential downsides to this new model. We aim to provide a critical look at these claims things in the Snorfkingdom. In this article we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of the P2E gaming model and its potential. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Play to Earn Gaming Exactly?

Besides being a catchy slogan, there is a lot behind the idea of Play to Earn (P2E). The concept is evolving as time goes on and games develop. In simple terms, P2E allows players to capitalize on in-game economies in a new way. Establishing things on the blockchain puts gamers in true “ownership” of their in-game currencies and assets. The main difference between this and non-blockchain games is that these currencies and assets are built and tokenized on a blockchain. This makes them easily transferrable from player to player, capable of gaining/losing value, and “earnable” through in game activities. This is also where the term “Play to Earn” originates.

This model existed in some form previously with online games. However, blockchain games empower players with true physical ownership and control over their in-game assets. As a result, many P2E games have obviously popped up in the media, especially when extremely large transactions taking place. Some examples are major purchases of land or other valuable NFTs which have in-game value. This has also attracted significant institutional investment in the blockchain gaming world. Also, P2E has sparked interest from existing gaming companies to dip their toes into the water of blockchain. Regardless, there areupsides and downsides to this model which should be understood before going “all-in” on P2E games.

Positive Aspects of Play to Earn

P2E’s innovative gaming business model provides numerous positive aspects which should be considered when thinking about gaming. Firstly, the P2E model provides gamers with the potential for their in-game assets and time investment to create and/or grow in value. In some cases this is used for other forms of return (such as currency generation by land tokens, staking rewards, etc.). This is revolutionary for many gamers, who previously have played games without any inherent potential for value creation other than the value of a good experience from gaming.

In addition, blockchain games have brought an additional level of power to gamers through the development of DAO governance systems. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) give P2E players influence on the way game development goes over time. In some cases this also has an impact on in-game activity through governance of lands or other game properties. The implementation of DAOs in the gaming space will change the way that gaming companies interact with their communities. This is not only due to the need to please the community, but also gives them additional power and influence.

Next to these positive aspects, an undervalued aspect of the P2E model is the gamification of blockchain technology. By gamifying a complex technology, P2E game developers can serve as a positive gateway for introducing cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain to a much wider audience. This may result in long-term growth in adoption around the world.

P2E: A new phenomenon

Alongside the benefits of potential return on gaming assets and activity and the positive aspects of game governance through DAOs, P2E games have also brought about an interesting phenomenon of empowerment for gamers, particularly in countries with less-developed economies.

Currently the most notable example of this is the game Axie Infinity, developed by Sky Mavis. Through the P2E gaming model, many players have been empowered to create so-called “scholarship” systems. They lend access to in-game assets and resources which other players may not be able to afford. This allows players to utilize these in exchange for a sharing agreement on the assets and/or currency generated. This has benefitted many individuals from around the world (particularly in Southeast Asia) through creating income from their gaming activities. The aforementioned “scholarships” play a big role in this shift.

Simultaneously, this has provided an interesting opportunity for gamers with sufficient capital to start and manage these programs. They are able to generate value both in-game and the real world with their scholarship programs. The merits of the P2E gaming model are genuinely exciting and have created a rapidly growing sector in the industry. However, there are some negative aspects of P2E which are frequently glossed over by blockchain game developers and their communities. In this article we will explore some criticisms and food for thought to give a more critical perspective of P2E.

Negative Aspects of Play to Earn

Blockchain technology has revolutionized many industries. But, due to the level of complexity of it, many newcomers to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs become victims of scams. By gamifying the blockchain, the P2E blockchain gaming model helps make blockchain relatively simple for new users. At the same time this leaves them susceptible to scams or loss of assets to malicious actors. This is probably the largest issue which blockchain games have been facing. Scams result in significant losses for gamers, and also turn them off to blockchain technology as a whole.

Alongside being a potential playground for scammers, P2E games so far tend to be limited in their gameplay. For example, many games focus a lot on in-game land(s), staking, “breeding,” or other blockchain transactions. This results in speculation on those assets and limits gameplay to many forms of competitive games. In these games users are forced to battle, craft new items or continuously mine limited resources for potential profit.

So far, there has been significantly limited range in the Blockchain gaming sector as a result. This in it of itself can be a limiting factor in the growth of the industry. Many gamers prefer a wide range game genres which up until now are not available on the blockchain. Perhaps it’s better it stayed that way, but only time will tell how this gaming model develops

Biggest Challenge

Last but not least, the largest negative aspect of Blockchain gaming is the capitalization of gamers. More specifically, Blockchain games run the risk of overcapitalizing on the gaming experience in the name of profit at the expense of game content, gamers with low capital, and also at the expense of those unfamiliar with the blockchain. Many gamers already have gripes with microtransactions, play-to-win models of gaming. These are forms of income-generation which gaming companies have already utilized, so they are not new. The P2E model could unfortunately see a similar fate if it is not managed effectively! Many AAA gaming studios and institutional investors are begin to inject significant funding into many of the largest names in blockchain gaming. This may result in unnecessary stress for gamers, who prefer gaming as an escape rather than another chore or work.


In the end, P2E games are clearly here to stay. The business model of blockchain gaming is however, a double-edged sword which brings with it some inherently positive and negative traits. Although the introduction of DAOs, in-game asset ownership, gamification and empowerment continue to be touted as the undeniable proof that P2E gaming is the future, there are some significant, yet overlooked downsides which also must be factored into the assessment of blockchain games.

Notably, these games are at risk of scams and loss of assets, limitation on gameplay and game genres, and the overexploitation of gaming communities by developers and investors who see this new model only in terms of profit, thus putting money at the forefront of yet another gaming sector with limited emphasis on gameplay and content. Regardless of how you see P2E games, always be sure to do your research on a specific project before purchasing any gaming items or currencies, and keep a critical mindset as the games develop over time. Thank you very much for reading this article, and drop a comment below and let me know what you think about P2E gaming!

The Adventurer’s Guild – Now in Beta!

The Adventurer’s Guild by SixPM Software has officially opened its doors to the WAX community who have Beta Passes, expanding the player base. For those unaware of the project, The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG) is a free to play and play to earn Discord-based RPG leveraging the WAX Blockchain.

Now, with the recent news on Journey to Godhood, the developers have reached out for clarification on their standing with Discord as a platform and state that they’ve been in communication with Discord to prevent any issues that could arise. This pre-emptive stance on platform issues, combined with the fact that SixPM Software is responsible for the Honeycomb bot – used by multiple projects to link WAX accounts to Discord – underscores the quality and commitment of the devs to the project.

The views expressed in this review article are solely based on independent observations and research conducted by the author. The author has not received any sponsorship or payment from The Adventurer’s Guild in exchange for writing this article, and the opinions formed are independent of any external influence. Nothing contained within this article should be considered financial or investment advice, please do your own due diligence and research.


TAG is played through a combination of Discord slash commands and interactive prompts. As of the time of writing, the basic actions one can take are engage in battles with goblins and slime creatures, as well as embark on a quest. NFTs are integrated in the form of skills that can be equipped by the player. Though the Candelight System hints at a much larger ecosystem and use cases in the future. Leveling up and assigning skill points seem to be Discord account bound. These stats have a classic RPG style impact in the form of dice rolls, similar to those of Dungeons and Dragons as an example:

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 7.01.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 7.01.39 AM.png

While there’s only one quest currently, the system that is built out lays a very solid foundation for things to come in the future. Professions and additional character customization are unlocked through gameplay and leveling up according to the whitepaper. Currently, the Caster and Fighter professions are available upon reaching level 5. Skills are crafted through blends and then can be equipped into the proper slot to use in game.

The game’s token, GUILD, is earnable through battles and quests. It’s tradeable on Alcor, and will be utilized in game for upgrading gear and skills. Some drops for the game have been in GUILD as well. According to the roadmap, other rewards for combat should be coming soon.

The Adventurer’s Guild is in early stages still with limited content, but there’s a strong foundation and a very skilled team at the helm. This looks to be an exciting adventure to embark on.

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FWXIII Has Joined The Party!

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Digital Security Tips

Before getting active in the cryptocurrency/blockchain/NFT space, it is important to understand some basic digital security tips and principles in order to enjoy the blockchain and remain as safe as possible. There are many individuals and groups who take advantage of newcomers to the space, so make sure that you are as prepared as possible and treat things with a healthy amount of caution and research. This guide is a great start to getting your security in order. With that in mind, let’s dive in!

Digital Security Tip 1:
Manage Passwords and 2FA

The first rule of thumb in password management: never use the same password twice. In addition to that, become friends with two-factor authentication (2FA)à enable this anywhere and everywhere possible. In order to help manage your passwords alongside the 2FA step, consider using one of the multiple password managers respected within the digital security community. These managers help create strong passwords also store them in an encrypted file, thus improving your password security.

As mentioned before, 2FA is extremely important and you should enable it anywhere and everywhere possible. Using 2FA Apps is more secure than SMS 2FA, so stick to that when possible. The most reputable apps for 2FA are:

With strong password management and 2FA enabled, you are on your way to becoming more digitally secure!

Digital Security Tip 2:
Secure your Email

As you are already likely aware, email is extremely useful for creating accounts on numerous cryptocurrency and NFT exchanges and platforms. In addition, you can use email for a multitude of other purposes. To mitigate risk, it is best to create a new email address(es) specifically for crypto purposes, and avoid including any personal information or crypto terms in the address(es). The two email providers I would recommend using are preveil and protonmail. As an added tip, don’t forget to enable 2FA, even with your email accounts!

Emails might fall victim to attacks and data leaks, so some additional security advice is warranted. Check out haveibeenpwned to see if or not your email has been leaked in any data breaches. In addition to this, make sure that you are always vigilant again phishing emails. A digital security professional has even written a clear, in-depth guide on avoiding phishing emails.

Now that your passwords and email are being securely managed, it’s time to move on to the world of crypto wallets!

Blockchain Security Tip 3:
Secure your Crypto and NFT wallets

While there is a lot to breakdown within the world of crypto and NFT wallets, this section will aim to be as concise as possible. Before diving in, it’s important to know the difference between hot and cold wallets. Cold wallets are a more secure option than hot wallets, with the two most popular and reliable hardware wallets being Trezor and Ledger.

With this in mind, the next (and arguably most crucial) security step is with the Seed Phrase of your wallet(s). These are a unique string of words which give you access to your cryptocurrency wallet and which are especially vital in the case of wallet recovery. These are known as the keys, and are often referred to in the well known phrase “not your keys, not your crypto.” There are numerous ways to store your seed phrase securely, but a basic principle is to never store your seed phrase somewhere digitally accessible. It is much better to store these phrase(s) offline. Check out this article for more suggestions on secure storage of seed phrases.

These principles also apply for NFT marketplaces, exchanges, and wallet addresses. Some platform offer easy to set up accounts, but try to avoid having your recovery phrases managed externally. To get a more in-depth overview, read our article about marketplaces* and our NFT wallet guide!

*Article to come shortly

Conclusion and Acknowledgement

Digital Security is a continuous process. Always make sure you are actively working to keep your keys and passwords safe. Don’t forget to limit your vulnerabilities by using a dedicated email, and make sure you choose the best wallet(s) which work for your needs. Thanks for reading this article!

Special acknowledgement goes out to redditor xCryptoPandax for this post which served as an inspiration for many of the ideas addressed in this article

NFT Wallet Guide

So, if you’ve been curious about NFTs and want to dive in now that you understand what NFTs are, then it is important to ensure that you set up the right wallet for you based on your interests! This NFT wallet guide will cover wallets which are usable on the majority, if not all major NFT platforms and marketplaces! Ready to learn how to set up your own wallet(s)? Let’s dive in!

Wax Cloud wallet (WAX Blockchain)

First and foremost, wax cloud wallet is arguably the easiest wallet tool for beginners when creating their first NFT wallet address. What is great about this wallet is that it is free to create an address, and the setup process takes around one minute at most. Get started with the wax cloud wallet:

  1. Go to the wallet setup site here
  2. Use one of the free account creation options given (email address is our recommended method)
  3. Confirm the wallet via email
  4. Fund your wallet with some WAX via the “Buy WAXP” button
  5. (optional) In security settings, enable 2FA for your wallet for extra security

Once you’ve done this, you are good to go! Check out the Neftyblocks and Atomichub marketplaces to get started collecting NFTs! (Snorfkingdom guide to getting NFTs coming soon)

NOTE: It is advised to create an account using an email address and to add 2FA features for security reasons, see more in-depth advice in our article on digital security[gp3] 

Anchor Wallet (WAX/EOSIO Blockchains)

When it comes to WAX and EOSIO blockchain wallets, Anchor is arguably the best desktop wallet to get. Created by Greymass, this wallet is continuously updated and works extremely well on desktop as well as iOS and Android! Most importantly, Anchor allows users to easily create and manage their private keys and seed phrases, so it is a must-have for more NFT owners who want optimal digital security. However, at the present moment creating an anchor wallet requires another WAX wallet address and a small amount of WAX first (the team is actively developing a way to create a wallet directly via the app). Get started with the Anchor wallet:

  1. Go to the wallet setup site here and download the desktop (and/or mobile) client
  2. Go to the Anchor wallet section “tools” and click on “Manage keys”
  3. In this window, click on “generate key pairs”
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure to store your private and public key pairs in a secure location, you are solely responsible for these and if you lose them, you may lose access to your wallet address!
  5. Log in to your Wax-cloud wallet account (instructions to do so are in the previous section) and go to settings à Create New WAX account
  6. Now that you have your generated keys stored in a secure location, you can enter them in the creation page and enter a new wallet address name of 12 characters (Be sure to avoid addresses which contain personal information!)

Once you’ve done this, you are once again good to go with your new secure (and self-managed) wallet address! Check out the Neftyblocks and Atomichub marketplaces to get started collecting NFTs!

Metamask Wallet (ETH/ERC-20 Blockchain)

While Atomichub and Neftyblocks marketplaces are easily accessible with the WAX Cloud and Anchor wallets, many other NFT platforms make use of wallet address which support other blockchains. Many of these are internet browser-based wallets. One of the most popular, secure, and well-established of these is the Metamask wallet. Metamask works easily with the Google Chrome, Firefox and Brave internet browsers. In addition it can connect via iOS and Android devices. Get started with the Metamask wallet and extension:

  1. Download the Metamask browser extension via the setup link here
  2. Once installed, create a secure password and enter it in
  3. Store your recovery seed phrase and store this securely (If you lose access to this you may lose access to your wallet)
  4. When logging into an NFT platform (such as opensea, rarible, etc), you can grant signing access via the Metamask pop-up in your browser
  5. You are good to go to start using your Metamask wallet address to send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs!

NOTE: Digital security is extremely important when using the Metamask wallet. Be extremely cautious when giving permissions to Metamask on any website, as there are many scam websites which can drain your funds when receiving access. Always triple check URLs and research the site before granting access. For more in-depth security suggestions read our article here

Other useful NFT wallet programs

There are other widely-used NFT wallets not covered in this article. Make sure to do your research and choose the optimal wallet(s) for you! Some additional suggestions:


In summary, getting started with NFTs can be extremely quick and easy! Overall it is important to remember to be as secure as possible when creating and using blockchain wallets, regardless of the level of security which each platform and wallet offers. Set up 2FA where possible, use a dedicated email address, and store your recovery/seed phrases as securely as possible! Now go out and enjoy your newfound knowledge of NFT wallets!