About the Snorfkingdom

The Snorfkingdom story is an adventurous, fun, witty, user-driven story which combines concepts of blockchain technology with traditional fantasy story telling. The aim of the Snorfkingdom project is to create a publishable book at the end of the closing of an official “storyline.” The story’s content is not the only thing influenced by the community, as users can also craft seasonal badges and other NFTs which will be used to recognize active members of the community at the time of book’s publishing. As the Snorfkingdom team puts ethical values at its forefront, we work to create functional NFTs with a purpose rather than meaningless digital clutter that gives a negative image to the blockchain/NFT community.

About Sir Snorfkin

Sir Snorfkin is an academic and blockchain enthusiast who has been involved in the creation of high quality blockchain content since late 2020. As someone who believes in the transformative power of NFTs and blockchain technology, Sir Snorfkin works to ensure that newcomers to the blockchain space can enjoy and learn about the positive aspects that this technology has to offer rather than fall victim to scams.

About FWXIII (aka Ulfric)

With a background in game design and being an avid technologist, blockchain gaming and the dissection of games has turned into a hobby FWXIII is passionate about. Taking inspiration from the bridge builders and reviewers before him, he began his content creation career by reviewing and writing his discoveries in the blockchain gaming realm. In his spare time, FWXIII also is involved in (and fostering support from) The Crypto Gaming Guild and various NFT projects under the artist name 0xBXIII including Ada Nuggets. FWXIII will focus on the continued creation of articles both on the Snorfkingdom website, as well as in the Snorfkingdom PeakD Community.

Are you interested in a greater collaboration? If so, check out the contact page to send a messenger to the Snorfkingdom straight away!

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