Creating a Hive Blockchain Account

Creating a HIVE Blockchain Account

Welcome, blockchain adventurer! If you don’t already have a HIVE blockchain account (necessary for the PeakD community), this will hopefully help get you on your way with one and into the Snorfkingdom. There are a few different ways to register, but ultimately the end goal of the process is to get your keys and use the official HIVE Keychain extension to authenticate. If you have a Splinterlands account, you already have a HIVE blockchain account and can request those keys to use. offers a variety of options to create an account with one of the providers there. Both Ecency and Hive On Board are free options, though do have extra checks to prevent abuse. Once an account is created, you’ll need to import the keys by adding a new account to the Keychain extension.

Keychain does NOT save your Master password but instead breaks it down into the three keys you’ll use on the HIVE blockchain:
– Posting Key for submitting posts and voting on content
– Active Key for confirming transactions and changing settings
– Memo Key for reading private and encrypted messages

Remember, it is your responsibility to safely store your keys offline, especially your Owner key and Master Password.

Once the account is added to the Keychain, you’ll be able to use it to login to Peakd and post your traveler’s story to the Snorfkingdom community.

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