The Adventurer’s Guild – Now in Beta!

The Adventurer’s Guild by SixPM Software has officially opened its doors to the WAX community who have Beta Passes, expanding the player base. For those unaware of the project, The Adventurer’s Guild (TAG) is a free to play and play to earn Discord-based RPG leveraging the WAX Blockchain.

Now, with the recent news on Journey to Godhood, the developers have reached out for clarification on their standing with Discord as a platform and state that they’ve been in communication with Discord to prevent any issues that could arise. This pre-emptive stance on platform issues, combined with the fact that SixPM Software is responsible for the Honeycomb bot – used by multiple projects to link WAX accounts to Discord – underscores the quality and commitment of the devs to the project.

The views expressed in this review article are solely based on independent observations and research conducted by the author. The author has not received any sponsorship or payment from The Adventurer’s Guild in exchange for writing this article, and the opinions formed are independent of any external influence. Nothing contained within this article should be considered financial or investment advice, please do your own due diligence and research.


TAG is played through a combination of Discord slash commands and interactive prompts. As of the time of writing, the basic actions one can take are engage in battles with goblins and slime creatures, as well as embark on a quest. NFTs are integrated in the form of skills that can be equipped by the player. Though the Candelight System hints at a much larger ecosystem and use cases in the future. Leveling up and assigning skill points seem to be Discord account bound. These stats have a classic RPG style impact in the form of dice rolls, similar to those of Dungeons and Dragons as an example:

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 7.01.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 7.01.39 AM.png

While there’s only one quest currently, the system that is built out lays a very solid foundation for things to come in the future. Professions and additional character customization are unlocked through gameplay and leveling up according to the whitepaper. Currently, the Caster and Fighter professions are available upon reaching level 5. Skills are crafted through blends and then can be equipped into the proper slot to use in game.

The game’s token, GUILD, is earnable through battles and quests. It’s tradeable on Alcor, and will be utilized in game for upgrading gear and skills. Some drops for the game have been in GUILD as well. According to the roadmap, other rewards for combat should be coming soon.

The Adventurer’s Guild is in early stages still with limited content, but there’s a strong foundation and a very skilled team at the helm. This looks to be an exciting adventure to embark on.

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