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So, if you’ve been curious about NFTs and want to dive in now that you understand what NFTs are, then it is important to ensure that you set up the right wallet for you based on your interests! This NFT wallet guide will cover wallets which are usable on the majority, if not all major NFT platforms and marketplaces! Ready to learn how to set up your own wallet(s)? Let’s dive in!

Wax Cloud wallet (WAX Blockchain)

First and foremost, wax cloud wallet is arguably the easiest wallet tool for beginners when creating their first NFT wallet address. What is great about this wallet is that it is free to create an address, and the setup process takes around one minute at most. Get started with the wax cloud wallet:

  1. Go to the wallet setup site here
  2. Use one of the free account creation options given (email address is our recommended method)
  3. Confirm the wallet via email
  4. Fund your wallet with some WAX via the “Buy WAXP” button
  5. (optional) In security settings, enable 2FA for your wallet for extra security

Once you’ve done this, you are good to go! Check out the Neftyblocks and Atomichub marketplaces to get started collecting NFTs! (Snorfkingdom guide to getting NFTs coming soon)

NOTE: It is advised to create an account using an email address and to add 2FA features for security reasons, see more in-depth advice in our article on digital security[gp3] 

Anchor Wallet (WAX/EOSIO Blockchains)

When it comes to WAX and EOSIO blockchain wallets, Anchor is arguably the best desktop wallet to get. Created by Greymass, this wallet is continuously updated and works extremely well on desktop as well as iOS and Android! Most importantly, Anchor allows users to easily create and manage their private keys and seed phrases, so it is a must-have for more NFT owners who want optimal digital security. However, at the present moment creating an anchor wallet requires another WAX wallet address and a small amount of WAX first (the team is actively developing a way to create a wallet directly via the app). Get started with the Anchor wallet:

  1. Go to the wallet setup site here and download the desktop (and/or mobile) client
  2. Go to the Anchor wallet section “tools” and click on “Manage keys”
  3. In this window, click on “generate key pairs”
  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure to store your private and public key pairs in a secure location, you are solely responsible for these and if you lose them, you may lose access to your wallet address!
  5. Log in to your Wax-cloud wallet account (instructions to do so are in the previous section) and go to settings à Create New WAX account
  6. Now that you have your generated keys stored in a secure location, you can enter them in the creation page and enter a new wallet address name of 12 characters (Be sure to avoid addresses which contain personal information!)

Once you’ve done this, you are once again good to go with your new secure (and self-managed) wallet address! Check out the Neftyblocks and Atomichub marketplaces to get started collecting NFTs!

Metamask Wallet (ETH/ERC-20 Blockchain)

While Atomichub and Neftyblocks marketplaces are easily accessible with the WAX Cloud and Anchor wallets, many other NFT platforms make use of wallet address which support other blockchains. Many of these are internet browser-based wallets. One of the most popular, secure, and well-established of these is the Metamask wallet. Metamask works easily with the Google Chrome, Firefox and Brave internet browsers. In addition it can connect via iOS and Android devices. Get started with the Metamask wallet and extension:

  1. Download the Metamask browser extension via the setup link here
  2. Once installed, create a secure password and enter it in
  3. Store your recovery seed phrase and store this securely (If you lose access to this you may lose access to your wallet)
  4. When logging into an NFT platform (such as opensea, rarible, etc), you can grant signing access via the Metamask pop-up in your browser
  5. You are good to go to start using your Metamask wallet address to send and receive cryptocurrency and NFTs!

NOTE: Digital security is extremely important when using the Metamask wallet. Be extremely cautious when giving permissions to Metamask on any website, as there are many scam websites which can drain your funds when receiving access. Always triple check URLs and research the site before granting access. For more in-depth security suggestions read our article here

Other useful NFT wallet programs

There are other widely-used NFT wallets not covered in this article. Make sure to do your research and choose the optimal wallet(s) for you! Some additional suggestions:


In summary, getting started with NFTs can be extremely quick and easy! Overall it is important to remember to be as secure as possible when creating and using blockchain wallets, regardless of the level of security which each platform and wallet offers. Set up 2FA where possible, use a dedicated email address, and store your recovery/seed phrases as securely as possible! Now go out and enjoy your newfound knowledge of NFT wallets!

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