Return to the Vale

Snow has fallen on the Vale of Snorf. In my absence, things have grown cold and our discord community has come to a standstill. Firstly, I would like to apologize for my limited communication in the past months, as personal circumstances have caused me to take a hiatus in the Snorfkingdom project. However, I am writing this brief article to let you know that I am returning and hope to expand the Snorfkingdom with some support from you all who have been following this project. As a refresher, here is what I aim for the Snorfkingdom to be:

Snorfkingdom (mini) road map

As it has been a while, I would like to give you a clearer idea of what to expect from the Snorfkingdom and from me, Sir Snorfkin. To do so, I’ve written out a bit of a (mini) road map for Snorfkingdom content. Before I expand on that, I want to be clear that the Snorkfingdom is NOT a blockchain game, but a creative content creation project with the goal of making cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain games more understandable and digestible for newcomers in the blockchain space. With that in mind, let’s jump in!

Initial Priorities

  • Writing and publishing general beginner articles for those new to NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency
  • Creating a Dygycon NFT series which can be collected at each future event
  • Re-establishing periodic Blockchain game reviews (with new metrics and community polling)
  • Finding 1-3 additional people to help support and grow the community*
    • Discord, streaming, content creation and art
  • Creating a whitepaper with a clearer vision for the Snorfkingdom

*Please reach out if you are curious about being a part of the Snorfkingdom and help with this!

Medium Term Priorities (to be elaborated on in the whitepaper)

  • Establishing periodic NFT drop(s) for the community
  • Monthly/Quarterly supporter badges
  • Effective discord integration(s)
  • Snorfkingdom Streams and official game specialists
  • Snorfkingdom dream fund
    • Support non-profits and the snorfkingdom community

Long-term Wishes (to be elaborated on in the whitepaper)

  • Snorfkingdom collection listed on Tokenhead
  • Snorfkingdom inspired NFTs attainable in blockchain games
  • Expand Snorfkingdom beyond NFTs and Blockchain game content
  • Snorfkingdom Community self-sustaining
  • Snorfkingdom DAO?


As a member of the blockchain community, I believe in the potential for the technology to create positive transformations in society. With that in mind, there are some core values which will drive the Snorfkingdom and its community forward.

  • Honesty/Integrity: Unlike many crypto-influencers, we will refrain from unnecessary shilling of projects and clickbait-style content. We will give our honest (and critical) perspectives in order to encourage projects to improve whilst still having fun. This is also important to ensuring that people new to the space come to stay rather than succumb to scams and others who would take advantage of them. In addition to this, visitors can expect to receive high-quality content first and foremost.
  • Generosity: Without the support of a community, the content we create would not be possible, and therefore generosity and gratitude are important values of our community. Please make sure to pay forward good deeds and be kind and helpful as much as you can!
  • Accountability: As content created has an influence on the community and the blockchain space, it is important to be open for constructive feedback and make improvements and changes where possible. Please always be willing to share your opinions and feedback with me/us so that we can continue to grow together!
  • Inclusion and diversity: The blockchain space, like many tech spheres, does not necessarily imply inclusion and diversity. As our societies are made up of diverse individuals and groups, it is important to respect and encourage that, and these two aspects will always be at the forefront of the Snorfkingdom community, where all are welcome!


Thanks a lot for reading my “welcome back” article, and please follow the website for more updates! If you are interested in helping out with growing the community, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via discord at Snorfkin#0604! I look forward to seeing you all soon 😊. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the tavern and pick up some season 1 tavern NFTs to support the Kingdom and collect them all to get a special title in our discord!

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