The Summer of Snorf is here!

Welcome Blockchain fans! 

Grab your towels and sunblock, and don’t forget those sunnies, because this Summer is officially the Summer of Snorf! Sir Snorfkin will be hitting the ground running this summer, bringing you new reviews and articles, new NFTs, a new website, and some more goodies 😉. Stick around and read a bit more about what you can expect from the Summer of Snorf. Let’s dive in! 

New articles

Sir Snorfkin has been busy, but working on new article formats alongside the classic “Sir Snorfkin Reviews” content which you’ve come to know. The Summer of Snorf will still give you the most transparent reviews on blockchain gaming in the space, but there is more in store for fans of Sir Snorfkin! There will be new exclusive interviews, upcoming project spotlights, tutorials, and some food for thought pieces on the state of the blockchain space and current events. To stay up to date on the latest, make sure to follow Sir Snorfkin on publish0x and also on twitter!

In addition, I’d love to see what you would like to hear about! Leave a comment below and tell me about an interesting project or games which you would like Sir Snorfkin to look at. If you want others to hear about it as well, give Sir Snorfkin a shout out on twitter! 

New Website and NFTs

Are you excited about what’s in store for the Summer of Snorf? I know that I sure am! Sir Snorfkin is hard at work putting together a new website for all fans and citizens of the Snorfkingdom, so stay tuned for some exciting updates in the coming weeks with regards to this. In addition, Sir Snorfkin has been investing lots of time at the forge, crafting and designing new NFT collections and limited pieces for a broad audience, from free NFTs for those new to the blockchian space, to more difficult to obtain collectible and functional NFTs. Alongside this, the Snorfkingdom aims to obtain stakability in Rplanet, as well as a listing on Tokenhead and other relevant NFT platforms, for broader recognition of the collection.

Those of you who attended the recent DYGYCON 3 and stopped by Sir Snorfkin’s booth will have already found an very scintillating, limited edition Snorfkoin, which will grant you special privileges and other bonuses at the launch of the snorfkingdom website! If you missed out on the event and still want to try and grab one, there are still some available for trading via the secondary market!

To get you excited about the Summer of Snorf and upcoming website, check out the teaser image below from Sir Snorfkin’s recent work building up the Snorfkingdom. I wonder what you think it could be, or what it could mean? 


Other Goodies

The Summer of Snorf is also a summer of community building, and with that means that there will be additional channels to meet up with other blockchain enthusiasts and Snorfkingdom citizens in the near future, in order to share with, as well as grow and learn from each other. Sir Snorfkin is hard at work building the community, but is also looking for individuals who are interested in helping develop a stronger community on discord. Are you interested in helping build the foundation for a stronger Snorfkingdom? If so, reach out to Sir Snorfkin at for more details!

As previously mentioned, The Summer of Snorf will bring many new things with it, and will also reward both those who are here to learn as well as those who are here to earn. There will be future giveaways, contests, and even a few mysterious challenges and scavenger hunts for the bravest and most dedicated blockchain adventurers, so make sure to keep up to date on the developments in the Snorfkingdom during the Summer of Snorf.

Final Notes

This foray into content creation in the blockchain space  began mere months ago, and has been truly amazing in showing what communities can do when coming together to create positive change, learn about new things, and enjoy great NFTs, games, and news together. Thank you to all readers and collaborators who have supported Sir Snorfkin by reading and following on publish0x and twitter, and also for those who have already participated in previous NFT giveaways and events. Your support makes this adventurer much more enjoyable, so lets continue this journey together!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the Summer of Snorf!

-Sir Snorfkin

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