In the Snorf-light: The Federation Flags Inaugural Collection Launch design details

Welcome Alien Worlds Fans! 

Just one week ago, the Federation Flags Inaugural Launch and the giveaway ended, and with that the Alien Worlds metaverse got a new addition to planetary identities. As the metaverse continues to grow (last count was over 2 million miners!), the Federation planets are developing their own unique communities. From the monkey miners on Neri, to Cabal lands taking a swathe of Kavian land, to Infidel mining group setting up shop on Naron, the planetary competition and related NFTs are sure to be picking up in the coming months. 

In order to further encourage planetary competition, Sir Snorfkin is shining the Snorf-light on the Federation Flags collection, so that Alien Worlds enthusiasts can show their passion for their planets and incorporate the colors and flags in their own creations! To learn the details of each Flag, let’s dive in! 


Eyeke is by far the most minimalistic flag in terms of color scheme and design. The design focuses on creating a second earth, or “terra alterna” as the planet Eyeke is known. To provide accuracy to the federation, a simple, neutral blue was used, as well as pure white and black. Fun fact, the blue used in the Eyeke flag is the same blue used by the United Nations! 

Design Details:

  • Blue (HEX): #5B92E5
  • Black (HEX): #000000
  • White (HEX): #FFFFFF


The Flag of Kavian, much like Eyeke, uses a minimalistic style to tell the story of the planet. The corners reference the ice caps, and the maroon interior higlights the TLM-rich inner lands of the planet. In addition, this flag puts particular emphasis on the reptilioid villages which dotted the planet and existed long before the arrival of the Federation miners. 

Design Details:

  • White (HEX): #FFFFFF
  • Ice Cap Blue (HEX): #90FFFF
  • Ore Red (HEX): #8B1811
  • Reptiliod Green (HEX): #348944


The Flag of Magor is arguably the most imposing of the Federation Flags, but this impressive flag also represents the inherently harsh environment which exists on the planet. In addition, the rising sun in the flag is a reference to the ancient anomaly which exists deep in the desert of Magor, and supposedly holds many secrets. 

Design Details:

  • Magor Red (HEX): #C82A00
  • Magor Grey (HEX): #3B3B3B
  • Ancient Desert Yellow (HEX): #F1D127


The Naronian Flag is a flag of great pride to the Naronians, not only for the numerous environments which stripe the planet, but also for the 2 large lakes which are symbolic of the planet’s wealth and diversity. The most prominent feature of the Naronian Flag is the center golden circle, which symbolizes the sacred island located on the planet. 

Design Details:

  • Naron Ice (HEX): #D0F9FA
  • Naron Green (HEX): #0A7418
  • Doublelake Blue (HEX): #5271FF
  • Golden Yellow (HEX): #FFE500
  • Black (HEX): #000000
  • White (HEX): #FFFFFF


The Neri flag is arguably the most popular of the entire Federation collection. The striped green layers and the reddish purple stripe reference the methane forests of the planet. More importantly, the symbol of Neri, the core tree, highlights the history of the planet’s forests and its status as a new home for many monkey miners of the banano world. 

Design Details:

  • Neri Green (HEX): #038400
  • Fuchsia (HEX): #BF0075
  • Tree Trunk (HEX): #662113
  • Black (HEX): #000000
  • White (HEX): #FFFFFF


Veles, the ocean planet, is home to immense wealth in the Alien Worlds metaverse. The golden ferns and circle highlight the wealth of veletians, as well as the diverse flora and fauna which inhabit the planet’s many islands. The deep blue of the flag emphasizes the unknown of the deep oceans on Veles, perhaps there are even secrets still to be discovered there?

Design Details:

  • Veles Deep Blue (HEX): #1152AB
  • Veles Gold (HEX): #FFCC00
  • White (HEX): #FFFFFF

Sir Snorfkin hopes that these design details will inspire more planetary art, competition amongst planets, and potentially even staking as the future of the Alien Worlds metaverse continues to rapidly grow. In the near future Sir Snorfkin may also do a giveaway related to the Federation Flags collection, so stay tuned! 

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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